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Lash Bath Bundle
Lash Boss Crop Top hoodie
Lash Wands and CaseLash Wands and Case
Navette/Diamond Crystal Clear Tooth GemsNavette/Diamond Crystal Clear Tooth Gems
Navette/Diamong Blush Gold Tooth GemsNavette/Diamong Blush Gold Tooth Gems
Opal Tooth Gems Limited EditionOpal Tooth Gems Limited Edition
Pink Neon Tooth Gems Limited EditionPink Neon Tooth Gems Limited Edition
Professional Lash Tweezer SetProfessional Lash Tweezer Set
Professional Tooth Gem KitProfessional Tooth Gem Kit
Professional Tooth Gem KitProfessional Tooth Gem Kit
Rain Drop Crystal Clear Tooth GemRain Drop Crystal Clear Tooth Gem
Ruby Aqua Mermaid Tooth Gems Limited EditionRuby Aqua Mermaid Tooth Gems Limited Edition
S Crystal Clear Tooth GemsS Crystal Clear Tooth Gems
S Crystal Tooth GemsS Crystal Tooth Gems
Square Crystal Tooth GemsSquare Crystal Tooth Gems
Tooth Gem Applicator Exclusive DesignTooth Gem Applicator Exclusive Design
Tooth Gem Mini Starter Kit
Tooth Gem Training Manual
White Frost Tooth Gems Limited EditionWhite Frost Tooth Gems Limited Edition
XtendLA Deluxe Hyaluron Pen Kit
XtendLA Hyaluron PenXtendLA Hyaluron Pen